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The World seen through a rainbow

The World seen through a rainbow

I was driving home from work when I looked to my left and saw the most
beautiful, vibrant rainbow. This is not the first time I’ve seen one lately and, seeing as I don’t live in an area where rainbows are all that common, I took this as a sign. I m

ean, it has to be, right? All of these years looking and looking for rainbows and never seeing them and suddenly, within the last few weeks, I’ve seen quite a few… Seems a little suspicious (in a good way) if you ask me!

So, I’m at a stoplight and I decide to slip off my Ray-Bans to have a better look at this gorgeous image spread across the sky (this was a full, huge one, not some smear of colors sitting out randomly against the clouds). The minute I slipped off my shades and turn my face to the sky, the rainbow was gone. It had disappeared! I

was both shocked and disappointed. Where d

id it go? I wondered as I fumbled in my lap for my sunglasses. At this point the light had turned green and I was trying to understand the missing rainbow while navigating through the throngs of people heading home from work after a long day. I unfolded my shades, slipped them back on, and looked to my left. There it was! Back again, the beautiful streams of colors were vibrantly stretched across the sky. I smiled, ear to ear. Then I pulled down my sunglasses an inch and peered over them. No rainbow. I pushed them back up on the bridge of my nose. Rainbow!

While this seems like magic to me, I’m sure there is a logical, scientific explanation for this. I’m going to stick with the magic idea for now. As I was driving home, shades on so I wouldn’t miss another rainbow sighting, it occurred to me that, with the shades on, I could see this happy, beautiful thing. Without them, I could not. Last week I posted an article called 13 ways you distort your thoughts (and how to stop doing it) which basically discussed the various negative lenses we use in our minds to distort our thinking. While I think it’s important to recognize these distortions and aim to avoid them, I think it’s equally important to think about the positive lenses we can put o

n our thoughts. Like Ray-Bans bringing out rainbows, we can use our thoughts to bring about happiness in our lives. Creating a spin on last week’s article, I’ve created a list of positive things you can do to bring out the happiness in your life. As you know, attitude is everything. Perception is so important. And it’s up to YOU to decide h

ow you want to perceive the world. These are some ideas I came across after the rainbow incident…

  1.  Don’t limit yourself! (Look for as many colors as you can.) Don’t view the world, your problems, yourself in black and white. There are so many ways to see the world. Look for all of the colors, the various shades, the differences, the similarities. Try not to think of everything as yes or no, do or don’t. There are so many ways to see the world and, as I’m sure you know, the possibilities are endless. Don’t limit yourself!
  2.  Embrace uniqueness! (Don’t assume that each color is the same.) Colors are equal, but they are different. They are all needed to make the rainbow, but each color is unique. Recognize that uniqueness in the world, in all of the people you meet, and in yourself. You are different for a reason, and that is great. If we were all the same, life would be extremely boring. Be happy when you meet someone not like you. Learn from him or her. Embrace that uniqueness!
  3.  Know that we’re all in it together! (Focus on how the colors work together.) A rainbow needs all of the colors to make it truly beautiful. Think about all of the people in your life — co-workers, parents, friends, family members, doctors, teachers, etc. — we all work together to make life the way it is. What do you contribute to the rainbow of the lives of others? What are you grateful that others contribute to your rainbow? Think about how we all are in this together!
  4.  Be grateful for all kinds of happiness! (A rainbow is a rainbow, no matter how small.) Okay, so I sort of snagged this line from Horton Hears a Who (which you should absolutely see if you haven’t!), but the concept is this: even though I might have been joking about a small rainbow in the passage above, a rainbow is great no matter what size it is. Whether you get to see a little glimpse of that happiness or an amazing spread-across-the-sky version of that joy, it’s still great. Be grateful for all kinds of happiness!

The other day, before my own rainbow sighting, I read a post on Look Far called “The Rainbow.” It was a really great post and I think it’s great that we can all gain a little bit of inspiration from rainbows…or nature…or whatever beautiful thing they spring from. One important fact about rainbows is that you need both sunshine and rain to make them. You need the good and the bad.

Discover what new designs Ray-Ban have released to get you started

Discover what new designs Ray-Ban have released to get you started

Ray-Ban is one of – if not the – most recognised sunglasses brand around the world. Go to any high street store or market stall and its classic Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster styles are the ones most imitated, but nothing beats the real thing. Starting life as a sunglasses manufacturer for US Army Service pilots, Ray-Ban has become iconic, with films such as Rebel Without a Cause, Easy Rider, Risky Business and Top Gun catapulting the brand into the status it enjoys today.

The sunglasses brand of choice for rock royalty and movie stars, Ray-Ban epitomises ‘cool’, so it’s no wonder it has been adopted by the fashion world too; we’re taking inspiration from some of our favourite international bloggers and street style stars for different takes on this classic brand.

Alexandra is constantly jetting around the world to beautiful, inspiring locations – so if anyone knows how to do summery holiday style, it’s her. We love how she wears the Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses in this outfit, pairing them with a chic oversized white blouse, on-trend khaki shorts and gladiator sandals, and an embroidered clutch, tying in the gold frames with statement gold jewellery.

Here, Julie wears a rust-coloured silk shirt, classic slim-fitting black trousers, studded flats and of course, the necessary tote bag. The devil really is in the detail here; keeping accessories to a minimum with the original Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses and oversized watch, and rolling up the sleeves on her shirt and hem on her trousers makes this look stylish and fashion-forward, whilst still being office-appropriate.

Aimee does stylish and chic summer style with this striped short suit, casual white shirt and buckled sandals. Her blue mirrored Ray-Ban Aviators add a pop of colour to the monochrome outfit, whilst keeping the look luxe and effortless.

Founder of The Blonde Salad, Chiara is known for her fun take on fashion, often mixing prints and textures to create unique but stylish looks. In this retro-inspired outfit, Chiara wears her round Ray-Ban sunglasses with ‘70s band tee, high-rise cut-off jeans and rock n’ roll staple – a leather jacket. In true Chiara style, she throws in something unexpected – Dorothy-esque red glitter pumps – that totally work.

In this outfit, she makes the classic trench look cool with her monochrome palette, ripped skinnies and layered shirt-and-jumper combo. Her black ankle boots, black studded bag and Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses only add to this look, making it the perfect transitional spring outfit.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Review

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Review

For decades, Ray-Ban has kept redefining eyewear trends, with the ideal comfort and unmatchable quality. Perhaps the most popular of all their sunglasses is the retro inspired Clubmaster. The Ray-Ban Clubmaster classic, with its timeless design inspired by the 50s, sets it apart from all others, giving the wearer a sophisticated look that has worked well for years.

Lenses and Colors to Choose From

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses come with a choice of the following lenses; each type has its own unique benefits and come with unique color choices.

Classic: With solid colors, the classic lens fits well on the Clubmaster classic sunglasses. They are comfortable, offer visual clarity and great eye protection. The classic lenses come in green or brown colors.
Gradient: These come in a wide range of colors that create looks that are both unique and exciting, according to the latest fashion trends. Choose from gradient dark grey, or dark brown colors.
Polarized: These reduce the brightness of objects that are, or appear to be, too bright or shiny. In other words, polarized lenses give clarity in vision and reduce pressure on the eyes. Color choices include grey, light blue, light grey and pink.
Flash Lenses: These have a mirror coating that makes your vision more comfortable by reducing glare and provides an edge to your look that simply cannot be ignored. The colors available in these lenses are blue, silver, and green.

Choose Your Size for the Perfect Fit

People who buy the Ray-Ban Clubmaster classic can choose between the standard size (49-21) and the large size (51-21), depending on the size and shape of their face or whether they prefer large or regular-sized sunglasses. However, because of their standard size, these wayfarers are better suited for people with smaller face frames.

The Bold, Classic Look

Clubmaster by Ray-Ban represents more than just sunglasses; they showcase an entire era of fashion, and give their wearer a sophisticated look that makes them stand out from everyone else. In short, Ray-Ban Clubmaster does not complete any look you are trying to achieve; instead, these sunglasses have their own distinctive look.

With their one-of-a-kind design, a thick black bold frame, with metallic gold rims and rubber nose-pads, these sunglasses will make you look as bold as you want to be. You can also choose between glossy or matte frames. What’s more, these frames are customizable and you can engrave any words you want on them, making your pair of sunglasses more personal.

Since they are manufactured by Ray-Ban, the Clubmaster sunglasses are extremely durable and come with a warranty. They also come in Ray-Ban’s iconic leather cases, which could be black, brown, or red in color

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are just one of those fashion accessories that keep finding their way back into latest style trends and will always remain in style. Therefore, getting a pair of these Ray-Ban sunglasses is a great way to create your unique, classic personal style statement.